Our Community Cup Coffee

a project of New Avenue Foundation and an affiliate of Furnace Hills Coffee

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New Avenue FoundationOur Community Cup Coffeehouse

Our Community Cup Coffee is located at -

Media Bean Company
1032 N. Providence Road
Media, PA 19063

Brewing a strong community, one cup at a time!

Although our coffee roasting business is not yet open, we appreciate your orders now which will be fulfilled by our partner Furnace Hills Coffee in Westminster MD. We are franchising their process and recipes and are an affiliate. Our micro roastery is located at the Media Bean Company.

Our coffee is by the full pound!

No 12-oz. packages from us!

Free shipping on orders of 3 or more pounds!

Our value is helping people with disabilities

We provide them jobs to help them have more meaningful lives!

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Our micro brewery story

New Avenue Foundation’s story began in 2013 when our 501(c)(3) public charity was formed. Our mission is to help create more meaningful lives for people with disabilities through innovative social, employment and housing programs. A couple of years ago we started to work on finding jobs for people with disabilities. Our Community Cup Coffee, a social enterprise in micro coffee roasting, is an extension of Our Community Cup Coffeehouse, a successful PAY WHAT YOU CAN social and music venue now in its 3rd year. It was started primarily for families and caregivers of people with disabilities, but we welcome everyone. Our Community Cup Coffee is helping to provide jobs for people with different abilities. Did you know that between 75 and 85% of people with disabilities are either unemployed or under-employed.

Finding competitive employment in businesses like financial organizations, software companies and large businesses is very difficult and only supplies limited job opportunities for a certain portion of people with disabilities. This is a start but what about those who have limited skills and can still be a valuable part of a community. We know our kids can make a difference if only given the chance.

What we roast and brew …



South American Decaf is a medium roast coffee demonstrating a remarkably creamy body with critic acidity. This blends aromas are of brown sugar and chocolate tones with a smooth mouth feel.

French Roast

Light Roast

Medium Roast

Dark Roast

Grown by women

We are privileged to have a very limited amount of coffee from a farm that is owned and operated by five women.

By the way…

In the Media Bean Company coffee shop we have:

  • fair trade coffee beans purchased directly from coffee farmers
  • exceptional customer service by special people
  • amazing, fresh brewed coffee
  • fresh sandwiches, salads, healthier smoothies and baked goods
  • free Wi-Fi

Coffee roaster position

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PB&J's Coffee Crew

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Skip Shuda likes our coffee

Jim Wurster stands behind our coffee



“I tried the Burundi-Kiziba coffee and found it to be wonderfully full and rich, yet mellow. Its seems like a delicious morning blend to enjoy at the beginning of my day!” – Skip Shuda

Barbara says 2 thumbs up!

Mark and I enjoyed our first of several cups this morning!  We ordered it ground,  the milder breakfast blend as we are not Starbuck fans ( too strong for our taste) more Wawa lovers here…the coffee had no bitterness even after it sat for more than 2 hours on coffee maker.  2 thumbs up! – Barbara C.

Are you interested in a purchasing coffee wholesale? Please let us know and tell us how we may be of service …

(610) 246-8939          ourcommunitycupcoffee@gmail.com

Our Community Cup Coffee at Media Bean Company

1032 N. Providence Road
Media PA 19063
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